Recommended Products and Materials for Private Lessons

Please ask Celia for a recommendation on books and materials which would best suit your child. Questions are always welcome!


A valuable free reference site for technique building, created by one of my most influential teachers, Kurt Sassmannshaus. The graded repertoire section is also a wonderful guideline for what level pieces/books to select next. Can't recommend enough!

Multiple Colors Available. Preferred for Beginner students with fewer pages and lighter books. Easily transportable!

Preferred for students Intermediate and up, with larger books. Quite sturdy and light!

For beginner students

For Intermediate - Advanced Students. Pricey, but a huge personal favorite!

Various sizes and specifications available

Various sizes and specifications available. Recommended for Advanced students, pricey but my personal favorite!

Very useful for practicing in shared areas. *Strongly discourage practicing with long-term*

One of the few metronomes on the market that are sufficiently loud enough! Students need "I can barely hear myself" volume in order to work with the metronome and not against it. Also multifunctional and handy to keep in your case. Can also use smartphone apps for much cheaper (Tuner Lite and Pro-Metronome are the ones I use) but must plug into speakers for adequate volume.

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