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Thoughts from Students and Parents


"Celia is an extraordinary violin teacher. Our family had the pleasure having her teach both of our daughters (ages 4 & 7) for the past year. It was our first experience with a musical instrument for both children and was definitely a challenge that Celia rose to and overcame, as each child needed very different approaches to engage and teach. Each lesson proved challenging and fun, and relayed that Celia understands how to partner with individual personalities to capture and hold their attention. Both our daughters grew to love, and most importantly, respect Celia. Her patience and kindness has helped both Sasha & Angelina develop confidence and belief in themselves."


"When our then-seven-year old daughter Frances started violin lessons with Ms. Celia, she knew very little about reading music and had never picked up a violin.  We did not have great expectations.  Seven months later, Frances's progress amazes us.  She plays music we enjoy hearing!  She willingly practices every day.  She looks forward to her private lessons and her orchestra skills group.  She learns more about music weekly.  But, most importantly, she is enjoying learning.  We credit Ms. Celia's encouragement, easy manner and good humor.  We feel very fortunate to have found Ms. Celia."


“As Celia’s student, I know that I am going to be challenged. She also makes everything seem fun, and some things funny because she jokes around sometimes. She also gives me stretch breaks. If I don’t do a song perfectly, she will usually make me play it again. What I like about being Celia’s student is that she always congratulates me if I do really well. She pays attention to me. She doesn’t just make me play song after song from the book; she gives me suggestions and corrections, like making sure my fingers are positioned on the tape. She also shows me cool things that I can do for fun like balancing the bow on one finger. I love being her student.”


“Celia has been a wonderful teacher. My daughter has developed solid playing skills and a genuine affection for the instrument in her first year, thanks to Celia’s supportive and technically sound instruction. Celia’s sincere joy for violin, and for teaching, shine through!”


"Celia is an excellent violin teacher. She is professional yet she makes learning fun and engaging for my 7-year old son. She is strict yet patient, demanding yet encouraging. Her passion for playing violin is contagious and has inspired my son to improve his technique and musicality so he can someday play the violin as beautifully as she does."


"I simply cannot say enough good things about Ms. Zhang. I have rarely interacted with a teacher who understood me as well as she did. Moreover, Ms. Zhang ensures that her students are actively engaged during their sessions through fun activities such as rhythm exercises. Perhaps most importantly, Ms. Zhang clearly loves teaching violin. She always greets her students with seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm. After every single one of my lessons with her, I actually look forward to practicing my instrument."


"Nigel says 'That was the best, most FUN lesson in the whole world!'"

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